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What started as an interesting hobby for me, became my passion...


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An Italian charm bracelet can be assembled in many styles.  
Italian charms can be grouped to follow a theme 
such as family, a specific colour, career or hobby.  
This may include laser charms, photo charms, 
authentic licensed charms and dangle charms.
A starter charm bracelet consists of eighteen blank links.
In order to create a personalised charm bracelet, 
these blank links are replaced with individually 
designed charms.
Italian charms are compatible across brands 
(including Nomination) due to standardized sizes.

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Cleaning and Caring for your 
Italian Charm Bracelet

Caring for your Italian charm bracelet is easy!  By taking
a few simple steps you can ensure a long life for your Italian charm
collection.  Italian charms made from high quality stainless steel should
not tarnish with daily wear.  However, oils from your skin and 
exposure to dirt or even hairspray will eventually dull the 
appearance of charms.  
As with all jewellery, charms are
easiest to keep looking 
great if you clean them on a regular basis.

What to Do:

Clean your charms by gently wiping them
with a soft cleaning cloth.  Doing this once a week will
keep grime off your jewellery and maintain its sparkle and gleam.  A
simple jewellery polishing cloth is perfect
for this purpose.
When you are not wearing your charm bracelet, store it in
a separate container from other jewellery.  This will prevent the
charms from rubbing against other jewellery and becoming scratched. 

What to Avoid:

Avoid showering or swimming while wearing your Italian charm bracelet.  Keep your charms away from chemicals or cleaning
solvents.  For example, it is a good idea to remove your bracelet
when you 
wash dishes.  Remove your bracelet while participating
in sports.  
Italian charms are durable but avoiding any rough contact will preserve the life of your bracelet.










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